Ultrazone Superstars - All-Stars Mvp Pack (4 Figures)
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Ultrazone Superstars [Pack de MVP]

Ultrazone Superstars, All-Stars Mvp Pack (4 Figures), Les MVPs, pour le jeu Dread ball de Mantic Games
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This pack contains four MVPs for DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game:

Anne-Marie Helder’s larger-than-life antics on and off the pitch saw her expelled from the Void Sirens, but the newsfeeds still love her, and are supporting her crusade to be recognised as a Striker.

Mee-kel Judwan is one of the most skilled Strikers in modern DreadBall, seeming to break records every time he handles a ball, but he always stays humble. His fans love him all the more for it!

Ludwig might be a giant insect, but that doesn’t mean he lacks personality! This troublemaker puts his wings to good use in the arena, fluttering over the defenders’ heads as he moves to score.

DBR7 – “Firewall” is testament to the popularity of mechanoids in the arena. Although the latest shape-shifting ‘bots have rendered him obsolete, he’s still the most popular Keeper in DreadBall.

Rules for these MVPs can be found in DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game. Miniatures are cast in premium plastic and require assembly and painting.