DreadBall Xtreme : Le jeu de sport futuriste ultraviolent

DreadBall Xtreme : Le jeu de sport futuriste ultraviolent, pour DreadBall

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 Le chemin est périlleux, la diligence risque des attaques fréquentes ! Réassort sous 3 à 15 jours

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DreadBall Xtreme : Le jeu de sport futuriste ultraviolent, Comment bien débuter ? pour DreadBall

With a focus on violence and carnage, DreadBall Xtreme is a standalone game in the series and takes the simple mechanics of DreadBall and twists them together to create something altogether more unruly!

Brutal Action: No referees and no fouls makes this the deadliest DreadBall yet!

Dangerous Environments: Play ball in abandoned warehouses and improvised arenas out of sight of the law, with pitches littered with concealed traps and explosive crates!

Illicit Sponsors: Assume the role of Sponsor and bet, intimidate and threaten your way to victory!

Blood Money: Create a bespoke team of your own choosing, from convicted criminals, alien Kalyshi and money-grabbing Free Agents.

DreadBall Xtreme contains everything you need to get gaming:

  • 1 68 Page A4 Full Colour Rulebook
  • 1 Deluxe Gaming Mat
  • 10 Plastic Convicts
  • 10 Plastic Asterians
  • 9 Plastic Free Agents
  • 2 Sponsors
  • 12 Yellow Bases
  • 12 Blue Bases
  • 4 Strike Posts
  • Obstacle Crates
  • 2 DreadBalls
  • Special Move Card Deck
  • Sabotage Card Deck
  • Counters
  • 14 Coloured Dice

Models supplied unpainted.


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